It's that time again, the best new-to-me books that I read last year.

My book count improved for the year - 28 this time. Still being a stay-at-home mother, my aim is to hit 26 a year (roughly one every 2 weeks), so I surpassed that. Go me. :) My full list can be found, as always, on goodreads: 2013 list.

My absolute best book of the year was "Waiting" by Ha Jin.

Read it if you think it might appeal to you. There's a reason it's a National Book Award winner. And my best of the year rarely lines up with any major awards!

Full list of best book can be found here. (I've got reviews on about half the list this year.)

Best "New" Reads 2013

Waiting by Ha Jin
Birthmarked trilogy by Caragh O'Brien (mostly the first two: Birthmarked and Prized)

Graphic Novels
Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid
The Collected Strangers in Paradise vol 1 by Terry Moore (note this is collected in about 3 different ways, and I didn't like some of the other "vol 1s" nearly as much)

Mom: A Celebration of Mothers From StoryCorps edited by Dave Isay


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