Okay, so obviously there was a change to LJ today that changed a bunch of display stuff and some of the workings of the website.

I did not manage to hit the button in the pop-up box, and now cannot change it back. Also, I cannot see any of my own comments pages (I will be able to read comments in the general "manage comments section" currently the only place I can see my comments).

I can read the comments pages of other people who have different blog styles. I cannot read the comments pages of anyone who had the default style prior to this change.

I tried changing my blog style to see if it would help, but it did nothing to affect the comments page style, and the problem persists.

Thoughts? How to revert back if I missed the pop-up box? How to see comments pages?


Edit: Oooookay, the comments came back. So that's good. I'd still like to revert back if possible. But I can live with it if I can't.

Edit 2: The answer seems to be to click on the empty space in the icon boxes at the top (second from the right - left of the magnifying glass). That gets the pop-up box back. http://permmembers.livejournal.com/42729.html

From: [identity profile] hippie1025.livejournal.com

Dunno. I came on today, and they had changed over everything except my f-list feed (something that got changed ages ago - and I've got reverted back to the old way). There was a pop-up box saying "Welcome to the new LJ" or something similar, and had a button to push to change it back. But if you clicked anywhere else first, the box went away (along with the option as far as I can tell).

Somebody told me LJ was down for maintenance earlier today, so I assumed it hit everyone at the same time when the site came back? Maybe not.

From: [identity profile] mytheria.livejournal.com

It happens if you log out...
Horrid design choices, but my reading page hasn't changed.

From: [identity profile] spacehawk.livejournal.com

Large surprise changes that break things are not an improvement. GAH.


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