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( May. 3rd, 2017 09:52 am)
Random nerdy dream this early morning (coming off the end of a different dream)...

I walked outside eating a pastry, and I was on city streets (felt like NYC). I saw Sir Patrick Stewart very conspicuously walking a dog down the street with a small but growing crowd trailing behind him. So I head over, and get swept up in the crowd. A block away I see Sir Ian McKellen with his own small but growing crowd. Sir Patrick called out grandly, and we were off and running.

I get handed a folder of magazines to hold, and several others in the group around me get handed other objects. People are crowded around us recording on their phones, and I knew I would be all over the 'net soon. Sir Patrick makes a big show of giving Sir Ian lots of gifts, gently ribbing him with each one. We all had to hand over the gifts.

When it was over, the crowd dispersed, and my 6-yr-old daughter came running over to find out what had just happened. I tried to explain using Star Wars characters...and I don't know why, because she hasn't seen Star Wars. But every time I tried to start, my pairings didn't work because one actor had died. "So imagine if Luke wanted to give something to wait." Sir Ian was listening to this, and finding it very funny. He called Sir Patrick over and asked us to take a walk with them (after posing for a picture with my kid). I told them just a short walk because we had rehearsal!

So, we walked with them into a big department store, and lost sight of them in the lingerie department...

And then my 2-yr-old woke me up for real.

Deeply weird, nerdy, and yet way too realistic!


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