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( Mar. 14th, 2012 11:24 pm)
Had a long overdue night out tonight. It was to the story slam semi-finals, and I'm so glad I got to go!

They do a thing in between competitors where audience members can jump up and tell a one-minute story on the theme of the night (not polished, not judged). Since it was the semi-finals there were three themes in play tonight, and one of them was "Where I'm From."

I decided to jump up and tell a one-minute version of the wasp story from yesterday, focusing on the kindness of the other Moms on the playground. I have to say,doing a one-minute story is fricking hard. I thought I was being fairly tight, but when I got the 30 second warning I was nowhere near far enough along in the story!

Two ego boosts: First, when I jumped up to tell I heard several voices behind me say "Oh, it's Danielle!" in a very positive manner. (Still don't know who that was, because no one was sitting behind me that I thought I knew.) Second, when I got back to my table, one of my companions said, "I liked that story, you were very tight."

Also, I think that [ profile] usernamenumber was robbed. He should have been one of the 4 to advance to the finals. I don't say this as someone who knows him (as really we are barely acquaintances and I know many people who compete in these slams), but rather as one who has been in storytelling a while, and acted as a judge in these slams. I think what happened is that he got the only high score of 10 tonight (they announce the high score, not the real aggregate one so that the audience doesn't know who is winning, and the teller gets a nice boost from hearing their highest number), but somehow didn't make the top 3. And then he wasn't voted in as audience choice because everyone thought he'd make the top 3 and didn't vote for him. Shame really.

On to the Sharing the Fire conference this weekend, and possibly more semi-finals on Monday.

I love story energy!


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